# om

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teamaverage 01:42:34

Thanks for the link @meow I'll check it out : )

teamaverage 01:43:55

@meow: After thinking about it a little more, I can clarify by saying I know of a few ways to achieve animation but I'd like the most idiomatic way; one that doesn't go against the grain of React/Om

teamaverage 01:46:07

The simple thing I'm aiming to get working is a button-toggle dropdown where the button is a component (i.e. with its own life cycle methods) and so is the drop-down but both live in the same namespace

teamaverage 01:48:08

The latest technique is I'm just passing a map of state through to om/build when I'm constructing the drop-down. I've a function which converts this state {:show-results true/false} to a velocity call.

adamfrey 21:50:21

Has anyone used vendor prefixes in inline styles in Om? I need a -webkit-transform style set dynamically on an element.

adamfrey 21:51:05

I'm investigating this JS library

adamfrey 22:27:11

great, thanks! I had :webkit-transform when I wanted :-webkit-transform