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Hi, I'm using om/next to develop a frontend project, and there is always a question in my head when I read the om/next tutorial and wrote my own project, that is when the read-fn function in parser should take care of the query in the component, f.k.s: in the [Components, Identity & Normalization]( example, only the query :list/one and :list/two are handled, while those like name, points in the query of Person not, so what's the rule of query-handling, only those in the root query?


@joseph in that sample app, since (get-person) already returns the attribute Person component need then read :list/one and read :list/two are enough


@mavbozo thx for your reply


Is there a decent resource for going from (atom app-state) to integrating a datomic transactor?


That's my biggest hurdle at the moment.