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Hi, I am very excited to play with I'm wondering about the basics: What's the difference between IQuery and the Params? Is my IQuery just datomic pull syntax for all the items I want? What's the defining difference between the two, if state-able briefly?


IQuery is like re-frame subscription, you subscribe (or in om terms a read query) the properties(aka the data) that is passed down from parent component (or the app-state/atom from the root component). IQueryParams is basically a way to add parameters to your read, looks bit complicated but this is completly based on the pull syntax (adding parameters to mutations is btw much simpler). So you can do om/IQuery [this] '[(:data {:param1 ?param1 :param2 ?param2}] then you can add data to the question mark symbols from om/IQueryParams.


is there a simple way to crudify an entity in my server parser?