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Joe R. Smith14:12:31

@ghaskins I think you can consider it “beta” for all intents and purposes; I wouldn’t try to mix other frameworks, at least not in any way that wouldn’t work with any other react-based view library. State management, DOM manipulation, and the query model are fairly opinionated. For orthogonal concerns, like routing, you have options.; Bootstrap (and other UI toolkits, like material-ui) have React component versions that play nice with

Joe R. Smith14:12:03

also, you might have more luck getting answers in #om


@solussd thank you for the response, this jives with what i am finding so far


I am currently mixing om-next + om-bootstrap, and so far the straight up CSS type things (not surprisingingly) work pretty well


the navbar is blowing up, presumably because om-bootstrap seems to be om v0.8 based


do you have any recommendations on a good combo of om-next + bootstrapish type ui toolkits?


Also definitely check out the Untangled project. #untangled.


@keatondunsford ty, will check that out