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Ben Sless07:02:10

> you must be the worst spammer I've ever heard of > But you've heard of me!

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Are you people into sports? When 👍 which? Or not at all 👎 ?

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Daniel Craig17:02:36

I like to play basketball

Sam Ritchie17:02:26

I’m out in Colorado and into all sorts of what I used to call “individual sports” :) climbing, ski mountaineering, trail running being the main things… I’m in a jiu jitsu phase now, which started because it’s SO HARD to get a good social group going with these other kinds of sports

Sam Ritchie17:02:31 here’s my summer adventure… I’ve been trying to get into this crazy race since 2013!

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I injured my back at university (weightlifting) and injured my knees later on (a season of off-piste monoskiing as I transitioned from regular skiing over to snowboarding, which wasn't as hard on my knees) -- so there's a lot of sport I haven't been able to do for about 30 years 😞

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I enjoy the 'action' side of bicycles: downhill mountain biking, dirt jumps, street bmx. I have one bike for each. I'd describe it as a very intense way of experiencing nature / the outdoors 🙂 it also always has me self-improving, whether it's a new skill or base strength/mobility/health.

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FrenchDivide2022 finisher here 🙂 (ultra distance bikepaking adventure)

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Y'all endurance folks are cray-cray! I have a couple of good friends who do ultramarathons and their idea of a vacation is to travel around the world running the various foot races -- I am impressed but just can't imagine doing it... 🤯


I help run sports data company, across football (both types) and basketball. More interested in ruining sports with stats than playing them though tbh. :)


Started cycling again, was doing it a lot before but life changes and habits break. I'm now noticing enormous improvements with my ability to focus. Just did this quick lap after a meeting

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Here in Utah doing snowboarding, hiking, running, and a little bit with the latest craze: pickleball.


I am endurance riding. Going for a 300km ride in may and currently preparing for it. @UHZPYLPU1 French divide is a tough one, haha


@U4GEXTNGZ yeah a very good adventure! Good luck for you 300km! Not an easy distance

Thomas Moerman19:02:31

Cycling! :man-mountain-biking: 🚴 🚲 :flag-be:

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William LaFrance20:02:14

Watching sports? 👎 🤷 Doing sports? 👍 🥋

William LaFrance20:02:08

I also enjoy all forms of cycling, from human-powered to 28V ebike to 125cc scooter to 650cc naked bike to 1100cc dressed tourer.


When I was in Singapore I got into dragon boat. It's the kind of thing that I would never thought I would like, paddle in a boat with 19 other people, doing the same movement over and over again


But I ended up loving it, both the sport itself and the camaraderie

Sam Ritchie22:02:46

Nice @U7S5E44DB !! I grew up racing sprint kayaks, we would do dragon boat races in the fall in DC on the Potomac


I'm hoping to get back into playing Capoeira. For spectator sports... Combat Robotics? NHRL over BattleBots.


@U04V70XH6 I also have a monoskiing past. I’m currently in Chamonix with the kids, a place I spent five seasons at the end on the last millennium. Other than (telemark) skiing, I enjoy climbing, windsurfing, some skateboarding and cycling.

Zoltan Kalmar11:02:17

Road cycling, also bought a gravel bike recently

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Nba and F1


I'm too old and unfit to actually play sports nowadays. I think my knees would crumble



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Francesco Pischedda19:02:28

Anyone into skateboarding? (still landing some tricks) Or MotoGP (just watching it 😄 )


I started skating some six or seven years ago. Been a bit unmotivated lately, but hoping to get some skating in once the snow clears

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Windsurf here! Since I moved to a country with strong winds all year I've been practicing 😄

Ivar Refsdal11:02:47

I enjoy sports and using my body. Right now my wife and I have two small children and there is not that much time for it though, so this list is what I'd like to do if time allowed: climbing/bouldering (in door, all year), floorball (with colleagues), windsurf (summer) and running. I started bouldering about 6 years ago, pretty fun activity 🙂


Lately? Tennis, bouldering, surf skiing, inline speed skating, and tai chi. I miss snowboarding, skiing, push hands, yuppie boxing, softball, and trad climbing. I'd kill for a place to play table tennis.

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