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Folks, want to share what I'm doing even if it's not Clojure-related (yet). As you probably know, Atom (editor) was discontinued. I decided to keep working on it, and we basically rebranded (most of) the editor and now it lives under the name Pulsar. These days, I was affected by the recent layoffs so I decided to dedicate some of my work on solving one of the worse problems Atom had: the old implementation of tree-sitter that, everytime we bump to a newer version, breaks tokenization a bit more. So... finally I have some WASM-based tree-sitter tokens working, with local variable tracking too!

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Noah Bogart01:02:30

I’m sorry you were laid off, that’s real tough


I think that would be a great candidate for use with Clojure. Unlike JSON, it has much closer semantic to Clojure EDN, and is similarly extensible. It also generally has a richer type system, and even supports embedding s-expresions. It can serialize to a compact binary as well, and supposedly has a fast serializer/deserializer. It's supported by many languages, JS, Java, Rust, Python, C#, C, Go, and even Apache Hive.

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Interesting! I will keep this in mind. Thanks