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My beer is green.

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It's odd, would not recommend at all. It's too sweet.


And it's not even St Patrick's Day...


What gives it that color?


Woodruff, > Likened by the brewery to ‘a walk in a cool forest’, the addition of woodruff flavour to this beer gives it a bright green colour, and herbal, bittersweet flavour. Pouring a bright green colour, Berliner Kindl Weisse Waldmeister offers up aromas of woodruff. The flavour is sweet, with hints of citrus and a slight bitterness from the woodruff syrup. A sweet, herbal beer-drink, Berliner Kindl Weisse Waldmeister is perfect served chilled on a hot summer’s day – or for those who prefer a sweeter drink. Buy Berliner Kindl Weisse Waldmeister to explore a Berliner Weisse flavoured with woodruff.


Interesting. I've never had woodruff but it looks like it's part of the bedstraw family? Any chance it tastes like licorice?


What do we mean by "woodruff"? Is it Galium odoratum? Or one of the 194 different species in the genus Asperula?

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Thomas Moerman07:08:12

I like the beer glass 😈 metal


it's a, definitely not something you should pour unless you know what you are up against 🙂 (big lover of sour beers here -- although flavored berliner weisse are also low on my scale)


@U90R0EPHA Yes, it’s Galium odoratum (checked it on the German 🙂 ). @UGTAV6LR2 the taste is not like liquorice at all. It’s somewhat unique, a bit sweet and fruity. According to Wikipedia, the taste is mostly defined by, if that helps…

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Thanks! I ask because a couple of the Galium in my area smell strongly of licorice (and I have to keep my dog from trying to eat it when I take her into the yard).