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Jeongsoo Lee03:07:04

Maybe instant gratification is a good thing in programming… Believe in the REPL!

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Geoffrey Gaillard09:07:19

I’m discovering APL and it makes me curious about linear algebra. What’s a good place to talk about these topics in the context of Clojure/JVM?

Ben Sless11:07:15

Probably this channel until it reaches critical mass This certainly takes me back 🙂

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Drew Verlee22:07:12

There is a discord for dagans libs which deal with ml and la.

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For linear algebra, maybe #data-science #mathematics #sciclojml in this slack.


And if you're not already aware of Dragan Djuric's work, it is exactly Clojure/JVM + Linear Algebra:

Geoffrey Gaillard10:07:14

Awesome thank you! I'll check it out :)

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Off topic random info :) I'm using mg , a micro-version of emacs with very fast startup time, for e.g. making git commits. I configured it in my git config as core.editor=mg. I'm aware that you can do commit messages with magit and that emacs has a server mode, I also use that, but sometimes I don't. If you want a small emacs with fast startup for one-off stuff done in the terminal, instead of vi(m), nano, ed, etc, this has worked pretty well for me. At least you won't be confused by the keybindings!

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I'm going to start using this for the one off stuff, thanks for the random info! I never did get used to vi key bindings


mgis a kind of babashka of emacs?


that's a nice way to look at it yes. it's fast starting and only supports a subset of emacs


even without emacs-client if you're a bit careful with your config it can be pretty quick


last time I checked I was just a bit over 1s with a normal config, not even in terminal


emacs -Q is instantaneous (`emacs-init-time` says 0.15s, not in terminal) emacs -Q -nw => 0.002284 seconds (in terminal)

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I wonder: @U04V15CAJ could you compare timings between mg and -Q -nw ?


since you have mg installed already


oooh @U050SC7SV - thanks for emacs -Q!

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Turns out, seeds from store-bought bell peppers don't want to germinate at all...


I thought this where do you see yourself in t years was a cliche till I actually got asked it in an interview recently.

Drew Verlee17:07:18

Me: That's a good question. I have a very strong idea of where i'll be at all points in time in my life.I pull out what appears to be a small book and open it. I look at an index and then open the book roughly to the middle. Then i turn a couple more pages. I start to read: "The year is 2027, as the newly appointed lord commander of the new imperial space fleet my sworn duty is to defend earths federation from all threats. Afar and close at home. Little did I know however how close the threat would truly be.." Interviewer: I'm not sure... Me: Please, the story has a certain flow to it. If i get interrupted i'll have to insist on starting again. Ahem. The year is 2027...

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I heard of an engineer who’d been involved in the design of a CPU. He retired to work on a farm, saying that he didn’t want to need to consider any timing period shorter than a season


He went away from the basement and left this note on his terminal: “I’m going to a commune in Vermont and will deal with no unit of time shorter than a season.” The Soul of a New Machine (Tracy Kidder, 1981)


Has someone here tried emacs-ng?


several open issues rn about failing to build on macos/ARM, otherwise i'd give it a whirl


What's holding me back is that I have to build it manually


yeah there's no install instructions. i figure there be dragons


Trying out now for testing Github Actions locally


well that's handy.. thx for sharing!

Geoffrey Gaillard16:07:26

It works well. Caching is painful though. Also some command works in act (apt-get update) but require admin privileges when running on GitHub


Its pretty good as long as you don't have to target windows.


At least I could figure out that I didn't have a checkout + Java install in my .yml file which I should add first


If Github actions had SSH login like CircleCI and Cirrus, a tool like this would not be necessary


That's amazing i wish I knew about this a week ago


As of today im an unemployed bum,feels good!

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Martynas Maciulevičius18:07:12

Wait a minute... didn't you get a new job not so long ago?


I did, bit got about 3 weeks till I start it


Though only three weeks, welcome to the funemployed side :spock-hand: 😀