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emccue02:06:14 I get this little pointless thrill refreshing netlify analytics every time I write something, even if its :poop:

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woah. this is a first for me to see in the etymology section of the dictionary:


for the curious!


pedantically, from a linguistics perspective all words are "invented words" aren't they?


In the beginning all we had was sounds..


unless we have proof they are hard wired biologically I guess


(I don't think we have that proof)

Cora (she/her)18:06:18

I'm guessing from context there they mean that it wasn't derived from earlier words and and their meanings, but yeah linguistically it is absolutely the case that all are invented


it's a fascinating collision of frames of reference. if the goal of learning a language is knowing the language per-se, "invented" isn't a useful category. if the pragmatic goal is to be seen as competent, you'd want to avoid words that are seen as "invented" or archaic. etc. but you also wouldn't care much about etymology?

Cora (she/her)19:06:43

I hadn't thought of it like that but that makes sense 🙂


This reminds of one of my favorite infinite recursion thoughts to ruminate on: "The brain named itself"

Cora (she/her)01:06:52

this is all reminding me of earthsea, where there is a true speech

Vincent Cantin12:06:51

I know one universal word, when it hurts a lot : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !