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Martynas Maciulevičius10:04:20

Hey. Have anybody tried react navigation? I can't understand how to do a link based routing there. They seem to be working against this idea. I'm very frustrated. I want to define my routes in one place and make them link-based and not base it on names and params.

Martynas Maciulevičius10:04:09

This one: What I want to do is to use it in native and web. Both. I used the router from your link in a different app. It worked wonders. Simple, basic, no fancy objects.

Asko Nōmm10:04:07

Ah, sorry, I have no experience with react navigation 😞 From skimming the doc it seems they really want you to use names and not links indeed. However, React Router also runs on Native, if that’s the only requirement you have.

Martynas Maciulevičius06:04:47

Figured it out. I was using a tab layout on the top-level and I had stack layouts inside (the ones that go on top of each other). And if I'd want to randomly go into a "deep" item of the other layout then it was eating up the URL in the browser to the path of the tab layout. So what I did was to have one main stack layout with "everything" and have non-stacked screens in the tabs. This way the stack always comes on top of the tab layout and back button works. But this is not how I'd do in the web and I'd need to think about web now.

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What do I have to do to get Slack to not show me a little circle in the workspace icon? I have turned off all the possible notifications and still when a message gets sent to a channel a little circle on the workspace icon pops up. I absolutely hate it.

Elliot Block18:04:38

I’m not sure Slack thinks that’s a “notification”. I think that’s when Slack thinks you have an “unread message” It’s a bit of an extreme intervention, but I think to get rid of the “unread messages” state you have to either be quit out of all channels with unread messages, or all those channels need to be muted


That's so terrible on a big workspace like this haha

Cora (she/her)18:04:56

I've had clearing slack's cache fix this


I marked all the channels as read and it's not there, but of course any time one of the channels I am in gets a message, I see the little circle/dot. I didn't notice this anti-feature because I'm in quite small workspaces so it never bothered me. But it's pretty annoying in this one just because there's always messages popping off.


I will go the extreme and simply mute all the channels I am, thanks @U03BHUPG4EB

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Cora (she/her)18:04:40

ohhh right ok I misunderstood your issue


I didn't explain it all that well myself, because I didn't (and don't) really understand the feature myself

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:04:48

I feel your pain and agree completely


If you want to remove all notifications at once, you can always hit Shift+Esc, but that’s also a workaround

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Do you find the blue dot itself annoying, or the feeling that there's something you need to look at? If it is the second, you could also try the opposite: join a channel that you never intend to read, so that the blue dot will always be there. Then your brain will get used to it and no longer perceive it as something you need to look at.


@U0244NA9H27 I am diagnosed with ADHD, which means that I am neurologically more likely (to a significant degree) to respond to stimuli than people without ADHD. The process by which you can see something and choose to ignore it or act on it, whether consciously or unconsciously, is likely much more functional than I can ever be. That tip is likely a good one, but not in my case. Thank you though. Just thought I'd explain a little bit why it bothers me so much haha. Small things but big effect for executive function.


The muting of all channels has been a lifesaver.


Ah, yes, that makes sense. Happy to hear you found a solution :)

Elliot Block18:04:22 TIL a) what tcl is at all, b) that it’s a little lispy

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Ben Sless18:04:17

It's homoiconic Was first lang I worked with

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Bobbi Towers23:04:16

My favorite Tcl project is micropolis, the open-source release of the original SimCity:

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Wow, this is cool. Really interesting how it's lispy, but lispy in a surprising "direction".


Since everything is TCL is a string. Does that mean TCL is well suited for shell scripting, where you call lots of other shell commands?


Thanks for sharing! This was really interesting.

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Ben Sless09:04:59

Tcl is great for scripting

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