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Drew Verlee02:03:26

I wonder if it's possible to have a slack addon that could execute clojure code in these blocks.


There are Clojure code bots out there with safety measures to avoid "damage" and attacks -- but they all have to be hosted on a server somewhere and I find that such code bots tend to get used by some users to basically spam the channels they are in by constantly evaluating silly expressions.


IMO (and with my Admin hat on), those sort of bots generate more noise than benefit since we, Clojurians, always have a warm REPL handy locally to try code out without needing a Slack bot 🙂

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eccentric J04:03:37

If you need something sharable, I've been finding + babashka or node-babashka to be really fun and fast

Drew Verlee06:03:30

Good suggestions. When i asked it wasn't because i felt a strong need for one. Most of things i run into require more then just a repl to reproduce. I was thinking of something easy to help #beginners that are learning the language. Something to let them "pair" with the channel quickly.

eccentric J18:03:43

Makes sense. I've been enjoying replit for that too given that if someone has a error, I can fork it, fix it, and guide them on how to solve it or they can invite others to the repl and we can all jump in real-time

Nundrum23:03:48 This is wild. Building the project makes a new project zip. Unzipping that, editing, and building it makes another new project. And that one contains a C/X11 program that invokes Java code from the middle project. Or at least I think that is what is going on.