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Jan ariane03:03:47

what is webdav & caldav? what are its use cases?


webdav is an HTTP way to do basic FTP/filesystem--y things caldav is built on top of webdav to store calendar information for calendar applications. caldav uses a data format called ‘iCalendar’, which is an ancient text format


The use case was basically ‘we want to build replacements for outlook and exchange and want to standardize the communication between the calendar client and the calendar server so different clients can use different servers’

Jan ariane17:03:38

1. do people still use caldav/webdav?

Jan ariane17:03:46

2. caldav is popular because it is the only secure way to have personal calendar? 3. what are other alternatives of webDAV/caldav?

Jan ariane17:03:29

4. After going thru, i came to know cyberduck/saber is for end-user, right? or there are other ways to use webdav/caldav by end-user (who are not coder)?


Interesting questions - what got you interested in CalDAV?


Not every single CalDAV client or server is open source. There’s a software list on that wikipedia page you can review.


It’s unusual for folks to have so little familiarity on a somewhat obscure topic like this and be asking very general questions. Perhaps you can share the question you were assigned to answer, and what you did to research so far? Generally rather than try to answer the questions you were asked, folks generally would prefer to help you with where you’re stuck finding your own answers.

Jan ariane17:03:11

• I dont like google calendar to store my personal info. so i am looking for alternative since long intermittently. i had came across calDAV several times so my gut feeling is that it could be better option than google calendar at least for privacy.

Jan ariane17:03:42

So my specific questions is: which are better/secure google calendar/microsoft To DO alternatives?


Ah, got it. I think you can use Google Calendar as a CalDAV server and use whatever CalDAV client you want. Basically, CalDAV is a protocol - its job is to provide interoperability between different servers and clients so you don’t have to pick both from the same vendor:


I am not sure if you can manage a CalDAV server using Google Calendar as the client - I suspect not. You can at least point Google Calendar to a single iCalendar file which represents your calendar - I see that much in the UI.


(in other words, you can use Google Calendar as a read-only client, or a read-write server)

Jan ariane03:03:44 can someone explain me what is this for? can it mount cloud on local computer?


Is this homework or something? These questions seem pretty broad

Jan ariane17:03:08

one reason to ask broad question is to get maximium possible permutation/combination answers. (to satisfy curiosity)


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I didn't mean to stifle genuine curiosity. But it sounded a bit like a worksheet to me. But I'm happy to chat if it's enthusiasm and curiosity


Pretty sure it's a bot. 😄 The only posts by that user are a bunch of random compute-related questions one after the other and they don't seem to acknowledge answers in any way.


This is sad. I am more than happy to help out a student. You still want to encourage independent problem solving, but this can be challenging for people, and taking someone by the hand and leading them can both help them to learn, and also help them to know that when they graduate there will be people who can provide guidance during their careers. But a bot is a troll taking advantage of the goodwill of people. I find that despicable


What makes you two think that @U01F9T8H21G is a bot? What would be the motivation to write a bot to ask these things?


"What would be the motivation" is applicable to 99% of the stuff people do 😛 Jokes aside, when I wrote that there were no replies in any of the threads but after today's comments I'm even more certain it's a bot: 1. The conversations are unnatural. Take away your own comments and the questions still stand on their own. There's no acknowledgement of the other person. 2. Who creates an account on the clojurians slack and then goes on and only asks unrelated questions in #off-topic 3. The questions are too dry. There's no narrative, they look... scripted. This is actually fascinating in a way. 😄

😆 1

I also hang out in another Slack community where we answer things from folks in non-US timezones, whose first language isn’t English. Async conversations about what sometimes comes from a poorly written course assignments are pretty typical. They’re sometimes put in the wrong places, aren’t maybe targeted at the right Slack communities or channels, etc. Guess I find the idea of labeling someone who isn’t as fluent with technology or the local discourse as a bot a little off-putting 🤷


> labeling someone who isn’t as fluent with technology as a bot Sorry, english isn't my first language either so I probably didn't convey this properly but I'm not criticising anyone's fluency with technology. I'm talking about what people generally expect from other people when they have a conversation (online or offline, regardless of the language spoken or level of technological literacy). In general there's a kind of a... rapport in conversations, they are "alive". There have been cases of significant communication barriers in this slack too and that's obviously fine, gatekeeping is the last thing I'm trying to do here. In this case it doesn't seem like the user is adapting at all to what is being said. It's not just bad communication, there's none at all and that's at least a bit suspicious. (Isn't it?)


The async conversations in these cases gets super annoying, so I can understand your feelings there, even if I don’t share your conclusion. My experience is from the “Python Developers” slack, where we get a lot of these “hail mary” questions from first time posters. Lots of times folks come in, ask their question, then when they don’t get an immediate response, they log off. Presumably they’re trying somewhere else or going to bed (note that it’s 1am where Jan is, based on their Slack profile). 80% of the time they come back within a day, though. I’ve had some super interesting conversations with folks from these sorts of starts, but yeah, investing time to understand the question, asking a clarifying question back and hearing crickets gets frustrating.


Just to clarify: I'm not annoyed or frustrated at all (not sure what gave you that idea) but yeah obviously I might be wrong, we'll see. 🤷


Were you waiting for a response? There’s already been two (one in my DMs, then a while later after I requested they go back to the thread, another in the thread)


> Were you waiting for a response? not just any response, like I said I expected one that acknowledged any of the previous responses of other users: a comment that uses information from any of the responses, or it could just have been an emoji or some connecting phrase (not necessarily in correct english), like "oh, in that case", "I have a follow-up question" or "based on what you said". > one in my DMs > after I requested they go back to the thread I didn't know private conversations were involved, that's interesting... Yeah that doesn't sound like a bot and I was probably wrong. I suppose I don't know people as well as I thought 😄 (I really wasn't frustrated at all before because I was sure it was a bot. Now I'm confused... )

Jan ariane17:03:48

sorry i don't acknowledge properly may be it's due to my dry nature. Basically, i try to understand/collect/gather information whatever i can from given responses even if i don't reply in thread further. I dont want to go into such discussion further as it may not get any fruits to me.

Jan ariane17:03:05

However if you are stuck with some specific query about me, i would be happy to answer. b2W, i dont know whether anyone needs a proof of whether i am bot or not.


Oh well :face_palm:, I think I owe you an apology, sorry about all that.


> sorry i don't acknowledge properly I should be the one to apologize... Every person is different (not better/worse) and that's what makes it all interesting. There's no "properly", there's just what I expected and that led me to jump to a wrong conclusion because your behaviour didn't fit in my little world. That wasn't right! Take care and I'm really really sorry 🙂


@U01F9T8H21G I think that your response is proof enough!

Jan ariane16:03:47

i am really happy to meet all of you and expressing thoughts openly. That is really mind-refreshing. It dilutes all barriers among us. Keep going.