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I'm supposed to be finishing a paper, so I started working on a wordle-like; and to avoid getting into that too quickly I have been going through a list of ~7000 4-letter 'words' to filter out ones that are inappropriate, abbreviations/acronyms, regional/colloquial, etc., and now I've reached a point where nothing looks like a real word

Martynas Maciulevičius07:02:17

It's fine. You will do all the things and then understand that there is nothing else to do except your paper.

yoda 2
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Maybe the remaining words will perfectly complete your paper


Or simply look at the Wordle source on their page and get their word list


They do have all the words loaded onto the frontend. Sorry if I’ve spoiled this for you now 😄


@U028ART884X oh there are still plenty of things I randomly need to thoroughly clean or sort through right away


@U8VE0UBBR I was looking for 4 letter words specifically, so I couldn't copy their list - but ultimately just making excuses to procrastinate

Martynas Maciulevičius19:02:44

@U015879P2F8 I know. Been there. Actually this comment of mine won't write itself. And currently I'm in the process of understanding that this radiation spike was caused by Russian troops walking on the soil of Chernobyl (while walking towards Kiev btw (also it could've been caused by curious 20-year soldiers... because Chernobyl, it's cool, right?)):

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