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do I remember right that there was a mechanical keyboard that was designed using clojure somehow?

Drew Verlee15:01:51

i have a keyboard io and i use the keys in front for (, {, [


still working on the keyboard REPL 😛

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Ben Sless10:01:31

I want to try port this to Clojure but the underlying engine implementation (p 17) is built using call/cc Any idea on how I should go about it?


just implement call/cc in clojure nbd

Ben Sless17:01:33

But I don't have continuations, which means I have to cps transform everything


there are a few libs out there. not sure how well they work


I think the issue w/o native continuations is multishot



(reset (* 2 (shift k (k (k 4)))))


use an early release build, give it a shot. IDK if they hid the Continuations api but you can hack it back

Ben Sless19:01:31

I tried playing around with loom, the vthreads are trivial, continuations not so much


still - actually possible

Ben Sless20:01:33

Call with current continuation is a bit weird there, and I'm not sure I implemented it correctly

Ben Sless20:01:05

But I want something that can work in all clojure(s)


loom continuations are not multishot and last i checked they had not implemented cloning


Super off topic — is anybody here from Colorado and could help me out with recommendations for a week trip this February?

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@vincenz.chianese Whereabouts in Colorado are you planning to go to and what sort of stuff do you like? Lots of great microbrew beers in that state 🙂


Well basically the idea is a snow based road trip, trying to make a circle from Denver, towards Boulder, Esten, Salida, Colorado Springs and then back to Denver. It’s a week long


I can share the google doc I have so far — or if you have some recomendations on things NOT to miss, I’m all ears @U04V70XH6


Feel free to share that doc. I'll ask my wife for recommendations as she doesn't a lot of time in that area (skiing, drinking, etc)

Sam Ritchie01:01:56

I am in Boulder, I can send some tips once I get the kiddo down for bed!


@U017QJZ9M7W please do, that would be great!

Sam Ritchie04:01:58

Restaurant recs In Boulder: Santo is really, really good for dinner: It’s in the same shopping center as Ideal Market, which is a Whole Foods in disguise. They also sell breakfast burritos outside every AM. Pizzeria Locale on Pearl for delicious pizza, Alpine Modern, great coffee on 9th and College - go there if you want an SF coffee shop vibe. Beleza coffee shop, also amazing. in Louisville also has a bakery in North Boulder, worth stocking up. Southern Sun next to neptune mountaineering USED to be a top rec. Perfect for kids during happy hour, there are so many families there. Food and beer is great. We often go here after thrashing ourselves on some mountain adventure and eat way too much. There’s a version on pearl street called Mountain Sun that’s basically the same, just smaller. Last time I went service had gotten pretty slow, but the food is still good. The Kitchen on Pearl is solid for food. Izakaya Amu for REALLY GOOD Japanese food. It’s an Izakaya, so more Japanese tapas than sushi. Go there and order “omakase” (oh-MA-ka-say, you’ll impress them) to get the chef’s choice. We’ve eaten there to the point of being fully stuffed, with beer or sake, for... maybe 50-60 bucks of incredible food. Sherpa’s is a little west of the pearl street block, Nepalese food (obviously) and run and staffed by Sherpa that come over from Nepal to work here and make some cash before heading home. Lots of good mountaineering history on the walls. The Rayback Collective is a food truck park in north boulder: They’ve got an outdoor firepit, cornhole, all sorts of little field games and a big indoor section with a ton of different beers. Different food trucks park outside, so you can bring food or go order and try some different treats. Sanitas Brewery is a little east of town, also really good for kids with an outdoor play area. Tangerine is a fantastic brunch place:

Sam Ritchie04:01:39

do a hike in Eldorado Canyon and ogle the rock climbers: