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Drew Verlee03:01:12

Who are some great youtube educators in niche fields? 3blue1brown is an example for math (not really niche but as an example)

Drew Verlee03:01:18

Or put another way, what's some youtube subscriptions you can recommend based on talent alone.

Nom Nom Mousse09:01:02

Computerphile. Are you only interested in vids?

Drew Verlee10:01:25

I'm open to any medium, i have just found youtube way to follow a lot of content to a reliable feed.


I’ve been watching GeologyHub, he covers a lot of interesting volcanos (including issuing some cautions and recommending tsunami detection buoys around the Tonga volcano a few days before the big eruption). I also enjoy the Overly Sarcastic Productions videos on myths and legends, as well as history and architecture. NileRed has some interesting chemistry stuff, but I don’t watch that as much.


Oh, and Scott Manley for space engineering stuff of course.


philosophy tube is educational, along with a mix of politics and entertainment.

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Eddy Emmanuel Asturiano Peralta16:01:35

The Bright Side of Mathematics on Youtube. He makes undergrad level mathematics videos which I find really well explained.


engineerguy is great


Ever since I saw it, I wanted to use the Clojure "Introduction and retention of code graph" somewhere, and

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Thomas Moerman08:01:30

I had to make this meme 🙈 😂

Thomas Moerman08:01:44

great post btw

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