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Happy holidays! May the new year bring lots of parens!

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Sam Ritchie13:12:42

May your parens match and your recursions conclude!

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are there -like stories from clojurists? A niche/cliche that one hears in IH (or Hacker News) is making a humble amount of money as a bootstrapped side-project, that sure sounds cool


TIL there are 11 stadiums in the world that have capacity over 100,000. 8 of them are American university football stadiums! Not professional, university; As a non American, that's insane. University teams are attracting 100k spectators!

Thomas Harned02:12:39

It gets WAY more hardcore than that. At big football schools like Notre Dame, alumni buy (second) houses near the stadium so that they always have somewhere to stay when the go and see games. It's a whole lifestyle for a lot folks.


It's mind-boggling. I've never been to such a thing either. The Colosseum had a capacity of 50K.


I've been to a stadium with 50k a couple if times, it wasn't my thing. I felt quite uncomfortable the whole time. Especially with what appeared really aggressive fans around me.


It really depends on the type of game and the location. I've been to a Barcelona home game (soccer, ~100k attendance, not less than 80k). Everything was pretty civil. It also depends on the seat position. Often the crazy fans sit in specific sectors of the stadium.


And the university players dont get paid do they?


Historically, not beyond the scholarships they are awarded which covers the basics like tuition and room and board, plus a weekly or monthly stipend. But this is changing fast as SCOTUS just the NCAA this summer, plus 28 states thus far have