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Hi. I'm working on turning a website into an iOS app. So for my users, usually I have them click a "login link" or "magic link" in their e-mail that has a token and timestamp in it... and they get logged in. But now, I want people to be able to use the site via iOS app, so I have this thin wrapper around the site to make it into an "App" and I'm wondering if I need to let everyone choose a password now, since I'm not certain if I can use the login link flow for an "app"


Oh, I just realized I could probably do something like 2FA that askks you to type in the code. Maybe the login screen can say "type in the code you got in your e-mail"


Is there a way to force-open an app? Like ?


^.^ anyway ty, haven't done login flow on iOs apps evar so, yeah. if you have any pointers that'd be grand.


there are ways to open other apps, but if you're sending an email, it's likely to already send them a notification to whichever mail app they use. I believe slack can still use magic links on iOS. Have you tried going through their flow to see what they do?


for apps, you often don't need to require a login and can just use the identifierForVendor. Does your app require an email?


this whole process is a nightmare. I’m not offering to help, i’m just informing you

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@U3JH98J4R thank you for confirming my suspicions


@U7RJTCH6J my app, it does require an e-mail.