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David Vujic18:11:40

Anyone here that would like to test a short video for accessibility? I have uploaded about 30 seconds of live coding and would like to test if it is good enough for viewers with any form of “color blindness” (decreased ability to see different colors). If you are interested, please DM me and I will send you a link to the video 😄

Ian Fernandez22:11:59

[Half Joke] It would be marvelous if defmacro would be in a module different than clojure.core and gave warnings if you're using it


First rule of Macro Club: don't use macros! 🙂

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For those missing the reference, it’s from this Conj talk in 2010 (page 15):

Ian Fernandez23:11:21

I'm making a code review in a company that has macros to transform and validate data that returns as a response in a endpoint 😞

Ian Fernandez23:11:13

also a lot of macros on top of components to "get easier to define components and make errors when it's missing components" 😭


We have about 100k lines of production code and only 33 macros. We have about 26k lines of tests and there are quite a few macros in there, mostly of the with-mocked-<something> test fixture kind.

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