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Kenneth Gitere06:11:26

Hello fellow Clojurians. Not sure if this is exactly off topic but has anyone had experience making browser extensions with cljs? I wanted to make one with Svelte+TS but since it is largely a data driven solution, I thought it would benefit more from Clojure(Script)'s elegance when I do make it.


This isn't very recent but might help you get going

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I think I've also seen referenced, but I haven't used it myself

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That looks a lot more recent / better maintained than what I linked to. Thank you!

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I have problem. I don't know exactly which library/libraries I should use or what solutions there are in the clojure/java space. Is there specific channel for something like that? Should I just ask it in #clojure? I looked at #architecture but it seems pretty dead.


There's also #find-my-lib I'd say asking here would be fine as well if you don't get an answer in more specialized channels, just because this one has many more members.

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Pretty sure you'd get nice responses over #architecture it's just Slack that eats up old messages :) That or #clojure would seem nice. There are also Clojure consultants. As a caveat, often receiving help is coupled to receiving promotion for $lib or $approach, there are plenty in Clojure so it's a good idea to double-check things before going all-in.


#find-my-lib is pretty small and it's not exactly a lib I am looking for. Just posted it to #clojure


Perhaps Zookeeper?


I'm sure the folks of #datahike (perhaps more active on their own Discord server) know a good solution to this


Since this is more or less their area


I guess you are replying to my actual question


More or less. #datahike is a suggestion to get better information, in addition to the sources already mentioned


Since there are people there that will definitely know the answer to this.

Drew Verlee13:11:50

Which libs to use depends on what your trying to do m


Does anybody happen to know if there is a way to put OOO in my company’s calendar when I put a personal calendar event? While you can link the calendars, it’s only for your own visualization

Otto Nascarella18:11:47

hey peeps this video…gotta say. amazing insight on documentation just wanted to share

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they have since organized it in text form: pretty good stuff indeed

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