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is the graal vm thang the standard in making clojure REPLs start fast or am i blurring histories


(suppose that's not a mutually exclusive collection there)


Graal VM is part of making native binaries from Clojure programs and those have fast startup. It's not about "REPLs" per se.


GraalVM native image isn’t used for JVM REPLs since those by definition are still going to invoke byte code compilation when you eval an expression. Native image assumes your already past that stage.


Perhaps you’re referring to the idea of AOTing libraries so when loading those in your REPL you have to do less work each time?


Where does this come from? It seems a bit bare bones, has no credentials, references, licence, introduction or anything like that so it is hard figure out:


EQL started at #om-next, that was described as a "a query with a datomic-like pull syntax" After om-next, #fulcro and #pathom were developed, using that "datomic-like pull thing" (it still didn't have a name) After a while (~2018) it was named and specified. Now EQL is used by many projects, like #xtdb and others eav-datalog db's and some other tools, like lilactown/autonormal I personally really like EQL and use it for many thing, like describing API's etc.


and we have a #eql channel 🙂

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thank you @U2J4FRT2T, I was more confused about where the site itself comes from. I didn’t find an obvious link to a repository, org, project, authors or anything like that.