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Has anybody here done anything with Automerge? The client-first approach has me interested 😄


never used it, but I read this blogpost recently that slammed it pretty hard 😅 tl;dr performance is supposedly bad compared to the alternatives


I came across before but not automerge. Thanks for sharing!


Gotta check yjs out, thanks!


And that article looks like it goes very in depth 😄


There was another article from Seph before on the CRDT topic: You might be interested


I’ve been interested in the topic for a long time.


Thanks for the video! We use at work, it has its own goods and bads. I’m very much intrigued to try to implement some parts in a CRDT some day.


@U050KSS8M That's the talk that got me interested in the first place ☝️ Martin Kleppmann is such a great speaker, I remember thinking to myself that he could paint a mental picture so well without slides that there was no need for them, an amazing skill. Then ~20min in we found out he just hadn't started sharing his slides over video 😄


@U0H9BVB98 I agree he’s excellent; I completely agree about the slides LOL.


I’ve been watching his talks for years.


Does anyone feels that this project may be incredible, or a complete waste of money, with no in-between? I'm really interested to be honest, but I'm also quite skeptical (maybe the refresh rate will be too low to be really useful besides reading comics/books)...


e-ink refresh rates work fine for coding in my experience (though that's harder without a real keyboard attached), my e-ink reader would be great for reading code except it is only black and white so syntax highlighting isn't viable


also, being able to read academic PDFs on a device big enough to view a whole page at a time is great


I wouldn't use it for gaming or watching video, but website browsing works fine


(I have a BOOX - more expensive android black and white device)


I haven't really though about that! Good idea!


I used to have a color e-Ink reader. Of course, it was some old technology, so far from true color (and I have my doubts this one will be really true color as well, assuming we mean color reproduction and not just the bit depth). I noticed two things: • Doing anything but reading there wasn't as great as doing it on a tablet. Slower rendering, lower resolution - even if just a bit - kept bugging me. Of course, it all might be different with this particular ebook • Reading itself didn't really involve that much color. Maybe an occasional diagram or a photo, but most of the content I consumed was plain black text on white background So I gifted that ebook to my grandma and bought a tablet. Used it for a few years, and realized that I end up doing mostly reading there, even though there were no previous downsides of an ebook there. So I bought a black-and-white BOOX and gifted that tablet as well. :)


e-ink is awesome. refresh rate is 0.2-0.8s in my experience. definitely not for gaming but great for reading 😄 no backlight means the battery lasts a loooong tiem.