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I've been spending a lot of time thinking about functional relational programming as proposed by the paper 'out of the tar pit', is anyone aware of any efforts in this direction for clojure / jvm? I've seen , any others?


My amateurish take: So by default, you we have a mostly functional core with Clojure. There are is also a set namespace to treat sets of maps as relations. You could for example by discipline use that plus an atom so your state is described with relational logic. Other typical approaches would be to simply use a SQL database (durable or in-memory) or a Datalog one (Datomic, datascript, datahike, crux). Alternatively you can use other logic paradigms like rule systems or core.logic to eliminate control in your program. OOTP goes beyond that, it is concerned with the overall architecture and design, so you’ll again, be applying things with discipline. Also it has a notion of separating essential and accidental parts. To make that separation consistently you need to design it in a way so domain concepts and representational concepts are discriminated in your program, maybe through separate namespaces.


That paper is a huge part of the motivation behind clojure if i'm not mistaken ^.^


Anyone in the raleigh/durham area? is the brisket good here? I'm used to austin/tx brisket and want to get the specialty of the area, but not if it doesn't live up to that high bar


I've had brisket in both cities and I'd say it's better in the RDU area -- but I couldn't tell you a specific place to go eat. If you can find the Conj wiki for the most recent RDU area event, I think it has brisket recommendations?


oh nice. we already ordered from "the original shack" and i got a chopped brisket sandwich. hope its good. still time to tailor dinner though


Pls report back! This foodie needs to know! 🙂


The Q shack was on the list and smells incredible

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oh neat, i'm 6 minutes from the cognitect office


and if any cognitect people are around, do you happen to know if that mothers and sons trattoria is as tasty as its menu sounds?


@U11BV7MTK Mothers and Sons is excellent, as is Mateo next door. Enjoy!


We ended up at Mateo and loved it. Thanks!