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Kenneth Gitere11:05:38

The Mazes for Programmers book is really cool for trying to implement in any language. Does anyone know of another book that is meant for hobby programming. Aside from making an interpreter and compiler


Hello Clojurians around the world Anyone here work with "smartphone based developer setup"? Something like a smartphone with 12Gb of RAM, an USB-C hub, mouse, keyboard, and a ~12" portable screen? Already seen some developers working from phones/tables using tools like github codespaces or remote machines But as a clojure dev I like to have an repl running on my local machine


That looks to me like a scary trend, specially if it leads to "cost saving".

Christoffer Ekeroth08:05:20

Have not used anything like this but the idea is very appealing to me. I already carry around a laptop’s worth of processing power in my pocket; why not make it so I can connect it to an external screen and keyboard to build a general-purpose computing device? Co-working spaces could have screens and keyboards on-site; when I get there I just plug in my phone and take it with me when I’m done Now that ARM has made huge inroads on the desktop thanks to Apple’s M1 this sounds even more doable.

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Juλian (he/him)19:05:43

I thought about getting a DevTerm - it should run most Lisps, too

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Mateusz Mazurczak10:05:17

Keep us updated if you buy it :D