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What does this even mean? The people in the thread seem scared by it.


> People who don't work for Intel can now reprogram your CPU directly According to this If this is true, then they're right to be scared (but I personally have no idea how to verify it)

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Chip designers do not necessarily publish information about every feature of the chip. Some curious people try supposedly-invalid opcodes (undocumented opcodes) and see what happens. Almost all of the time the result is not very interesting. Sometimes, they strike a nugget of strange.


I saw that comment in the thread. I am still at loss to unpack the OP.


In the thread there is also this comment:


I'm looking to buy a refurbished macbook air M1. There's one that has 16gb (a hard requirement for me), but only 250gb ssd (1100 usd). Is that enough disk space nowadays, for the typical clojure dev? I seem to have 10gb in docker images + 5gb in work project files + 2gb in personal dev work. Docker is one thing that I'll probably use more in the future, but doesn't seem to bloat up that much? I'm probably not going to play games on a macbook air... Although, who knows? Let's say 50gb for multiple games (they won't be recent games anyhow). I stream all shows/movies nowadays, I don't do any photo/video editing (or keeping for that matter). Rounding up let's say 50gb for dev work, 50gb for games, 10 gb in software (rounded). From internet comments, a freshly install M1 has about 200gb available. Hopefully I won't swap much with 16gb http://ram.It seem the 256gb model is enough for me, right? (I admit this is a bit to self-motivated me to buy it, because I like buying tech gadgets and my laptop is 5 years old :man-shrugging:)


Docker on Mac uses a Linux VM as the Docker host. There is a memory setting that is important.


I have a macbook pro with a 250gb harddrive and 16gb of memory. I use docker, multipass, and virtualbox extensively. I'm a bit surprised that this hasn't been sufficient. I can get the job done, but I find myself freeing up disk space and killing services far too often. My next laptop will be 500gb and 32gb


How much of your 16gb of system memory is allocated to the linux vm that is the docker host?


@U0P7ZBZCK there is a setting which IIRC defaults to ~25%


if you're doing most of your work in docker you might get away with 16gb with that setting turned up...


Unfortunately I have to work with a proprietary image that requires ~8gb (it's poorly architected). At other times I also have to run a Windows VM which also requires a substantial amount of memory. I understand this may not be typical, but when running a "normal" set of applications like mail, web browser, emacs, and other smaller containers, there's not enough room left for even just one of these abnormal situations


yeah, 16gb used to feel like enough but it does not anymore, my workstation has 32gb and that feels like enough... for now


"for now" exactly 😢


Hey! I got the 250gb ssd 16gb ram, and so far I’m very happy with it. So much faster doing clojure than even my gaming laptop, and it’s one with massive fans (going by the noise, I think as a kid he wanted to be a helicopter)


One reason I got a relatively cheap model is that I’m definitely thinking of upgrading, if they ever get 32gb ram or, even better, 14" screen. Thankfully, my work doesn’t involve docker (except from time to time to build & test images, not alongside dev time)


One thing I’ve really noticed, is how much better the ram is handled compared to my Thinkpad T460, also 16gb


I don’t know if it’s “ram compression” or “very-fast ssd swap”, but it does seem to work


For only development it's probably fine, for mixed use or any media manipulation you might need to buy an external drive. But that's just been my experience.


In fact in my experience the ram would be my biggest issue. Running many microservices and many many tabs would fill that up pretty quickly


Yeah... My 16gb Linux laptop is just okay, but apparently osx is more efficient on that aspect (and the laptop is quite slow compared to a m1). My 32gb windows work laptop does feel so much more snappier (using wsl2).


I have a clojure project that needs 10gb+,but it's still manageable on a 16gb. For context, I want a m1 to work from cafes and such (32gb laptop is unwieldy). Working almost fully from home, I really would like the option to just take my laptop and work from a few hours away from my living room.


Sounds like youve thought it through, just remember that the 16gb ram is a hardware limit, so if at some point you need more than that you'll be "stuck" at home


That is true. I'm getting a refurbished air because of that, I feel like I might have to upgrade sooner rather than later. If they already had a 32gb option, I wouldn't mind maxing ram, ssd and getting apple care. Spending much more but keeping it for longer.


Other than that possibility, it seems like a nice fit for the use case, at least from what I've heard since I haven't been able to see the m1 perf first hand unfortunately


🙏:skin-tone-2: 2021 32gb 14" MBP please


Make that without Touch Bar and with Touch ID, and I'm in.


Preferably 64gb, I already have a 32gb MBP


I could probably manage if my HDD space and RAM combined amounted to 64Gb. 🙂


I enjoy TouchID but agreed re: touch bar 🙅:skin-tone-2:


my Air has Touch ID in the power button and function keys and I think it's great

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Exactly: yes to Touch ID, no to Touch Bar. 😛


oh! I misread 😄

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Just saw this on Reddit. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: sad but true.

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It would have been funnier if they skipped ahead in time, like with the ReactJS examples, but kept the code the same for each year of Reagent 🙂