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If someone needs a progressive rock with fuzzy warm positive feelings to listen to, to alleviate some winter blues, I recommend:


Nice! I recognize several of the members and enjoyed their previous work in other bands so I'll def. check that out!


Thanks for the tip. I knew some radio hits of the band "Yes" before this last year, but have since learned a lot more about their song list -- amazing group.

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I'm trying to connect Yes and Transatlantic in my mind and failing... connection?


progressive rock, same genre, different era


They sometimes refer to the music of (the members of) Transatlantic as neo-prog


Yeah, I got the genre but thought maybe there was a deeper connection. I saw Transatlantic has a former Marillion member -- I saw them live at my university (back in the '80s!) -- plus a couple of Dream Theater guys.


Only Mike Portnoy is from Dream Theater, but he left 10 years ago already. It's still what he's most known for though


Ah, I misread the piece about Neal Morse. Yeah, Portnoy turned up in something else I was listening to just the other day. I just added that album to my YT music library to listen to later. Thanks!


I bet my friend Miles in the UK is a fan -- he loves that prog rock genre 🙂


I was wondering whatever happened to prog. and whether it would ever make a comeback. (I’ve been listening to the Alan Parsons Project all week - that probably counts as “prog lite”, despite being concept-heavy.) I will check this out.


@U6BUSDFMX I would definitely put early APP in the prog bucket but they certainly became a lot more mainstream later on (I'm a massive fan and have all their albums).


I think my introduction to them was The Instrumental Works which I find slightly anodyne. On the other hand, Tales of Mystery and Imagination is wonderful.

Eamonn Sullivan16:02:54

So, completely left field: one of my kids is turning 30 in a few weeks (not even my first to turn 30, so yes I am that old). He’s an engineer (aeronautics) and we are thinking of getting him a 3D printer. Any recommendations for a starter one that isn’t too basic? He knows his way around tools and computers. But he also has a small London flat. Massive fumes wouldn’t be good.

Eamonn Sullivan18:02:58

Asking here instead of, say, Twitter, because my son is less likely to see it.


No idea, but I just wanted to say that it seems like a great present for a 30 year old engineer. 😎👌


Its been a while since I dabbled in that area, but back when I did: Prusa was the recommendation for cheaper/open-source and últimakers were the fancy all-in-one solutions


What's your budget?


Ender 3 v2 is nice for a starter, and not too expensive


Prusa is better, but a bit more expensive


When printing with PLA the fumes are not that bad.

Eamonn Sullivan12:02:29

I am beginning to settle on the Ender 3 -- the budget being in the £300-£400 range.

Eamonn Sullivan12:02:27

It seemed to get decent reviews.

Eamonn Sullivan12:02:50

Good for beginners, but enough headroom for more experienced users.


FYI there's a #music channel if folks want to share recommendations -- I'd love to see more traffic in that channel! @borkdude @andy.fingerhut

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I'm not surprised there are channels on Clojurians Slack that I never thought to look for 🙂

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Thanks for the call-out!