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Does anyone by any chance know of a graph library or in memory graph db for c# that has powerful query capabilities? I found QuikGraph, which had everything apart from the query engine


the ram issue has been a big surprise with the m1 macs


yeah the cpu power is okay, yep with some tweaking you can get the apps to work on the architecture .... but 16gb ram max . 2021. wat.


would not get anything less than 32gb today in a new machine


It's pretty obvious to me that the only reason the 13 inch Macbook Pro even got upgraded this time around was so as to not destroy sales entirely compared to the Macbook air (which is definitely the best deal in Apple's line-up right now). I actually think more than 16 GB is a niche requirement, even among developers. I've certainly never needed any more and I don't think I've even worked with someone who ever had more than 16 GB in a laptop. Just hold back until they've fully upgraded the the Macbook Pro line if you need 32 GB 😊


I've had 32 GB since ..checks notes.. 2017. Accessing several projects in Intellij IDEA while simultaneously running multiple docker containers seems to be a good way to eat up RAM.


Yes, and/or building a big project. My Macbook Pro 16 GB had a hard time building ES. But usually it's fine.


i guess once you go 32gb you never go back


i have found chrome and chromium offending way more than intellij


slack and spotify are not really that moderate either


eventually all things add up


and having more ram makes machine cache up files in the free space = snappier machine


Indeed, during the ES build, I also ran Slack and Spotify. And they became slow te respond as well. But was the first time, and I could have put down de Docker VM to clear some memory. But more is always better.


I am curious, what eats most of your ram?


Docker, Chrome/Firefox, Intellij in that order.


I don't think I ever maxed ram usage with 16gb, or at least never noticed it. But I guess if I was buying now I would consider more ram. (I mostly use chrome, emacs, docker (kafka+cassandra))

Theodor M.17:01:30

I'm very close to maxing 16 Gigs on Windows 10. I have Chrome with tabs, two instances of IntelliJ, I have Docker but no images and no VMs


Man, is a pain to use. At least on my machine the entry form is tiny. And the editor let's me put a single ( instead of supplying the ) as well. I feel like a caveman without calva 😄

calva 3

Seems like a good use-case for (the recently released)