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Anyone know if James Reeves has a sponsorship way somewhere? I can’t see anything on his github


I believe he's spoken publicly on a podcast about his consulting funding his open source.

Vincent Cantin07:12:55

@U7PBP4UVA the best would be to contact him via his website.


any bash gurus here? I had a line in my old .bashrc that let me enter <Ctrl>-g as basically an alias for cd .. . But alias doesn't work for it and I can't remember for the life of me what that line was. It might have been a function. Any help? I miss it (too much probably)


trap on_sigint SIGINT
on_sigint() { echo "caught"; }
something like this

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Jan K17:12:47

you can do this from ~/.inputrc "\C-g": "cd ..\n"


That'll work for me! Thank you. I think @U04V4KLKC is on the right track but I still haven't been able to figure it out.


I just had found it on a few weeks ago or something and quickly grew used to it.