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Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield:

"the opportunity we see together is massive … as software plays a more and more critical role in the performance of every organization, we share a vision of reduced complexity, increased power and flexibility, and ultimately a greater degree of alignment and organizational agility. Personally, I believe this is the most strategic combination in the history of software, and I can't wait to get going."
It seems he couldn’t quite figure out how to work the words “synergy” and “nimble” in there.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:22

sounds like an ai wrote that :)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:47

zoom has often been better in that calls usually worked

Jeff Evans00:12:52

Surely by now they have offered him a not-insubstantial sum for that handle

hipster coder02:12:44

any general opinions on using Clojure foreign function capability (interoperable) with Python, as well as Clojure Script?

hipster coder02:12:26

I am trying to think of the trade offs between directly calling foreign code… versus using a message broker like Kafka

Craig Brozefsky03:12:14

process boundaries are a fine place to build a stronger abstraction

Craig Brozefsky03:12:33

don't need kafka for that

Craig Brozefsky03:12:48

shell invocation, http, all kinds of ways to handle that, some of which are slower and simpler, some are faster.. some sync vs async

Craig Brozefsky03:12:04

in short, I think you will spend as much time trying to call a python runtime properly from JVM

Craig Brozefsky03:12:23

as you would building a cleaner interface between processes, or subprocesses

Craig Brozefsky03:12:58

I would never ship clojure in jvm calling python runtime BTW

Craig Brozefsky03:12:41

you have to go thru clojure -> java -> JNI -> Python runtime ...

Craig Brozefsky03:12:24

so many abstractions and translations, best to just output spit and slurp some JSON over a socket or stdin 8^)


OTOH is well-supported and fairly heavily used by the data science folks -- it's grown out of that community.

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The same folks have just released a Julia/Clojure interop library BTW.

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That said, I would probably only bother going across that sort of boundary if I had a lot of experience in both languages and there were some critical libraries I needed to use in the non-Clojure ecosystem 😐

Vincent Cantin04:12:11 day 2 is starting in 10 min, time to warm a REPL.

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hipster coder16:12:02

yes, I was looking at the new clojure-python lib… Sounds like I should only experiment with that… not on production… maybe just for fast AI/Data type experiments.

hipster coder16:12:35

I have used foreign functions on Ruby/Java… and yea… sometimes there’s a hiccup… 1 little incompatible call


@timok fun / scary version: analyze interactions between managers and employees to train an AI middle manager :D


criminal version: train a model to correlate slack activity and stock price of that company

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end to end encryption would be possible in a group messaging scenario, but transcript maintenance and search is in tension with those goals


Salesforce Slack will start doing the same stuff Microsoft was doing last week with the "engagement metrics"


the (global) security implications of Slack are terrifying to me without the Salesforce acquisiton

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Craig Brozefsky20:12:09

Irrational valuation of collaboration technology which is seen as table stakes for SalesForce to play

Craig Brozefsky20:12:47

in the "converged collab" space

Craig Brozefsky20:12:02

aka, docs, storage, wiki, internal resource mgmt, comms etc...

Craig Brozefsky20:12:32

maybe I'm just jaded watching middling exec teams try to buy their way into a story about the next big market trend


given that collaborative tools become the source of truth about a company's workflows and internal knowledge, I don't think it's undervalued, perhaps just not exploited yet


the "rational" thing would be to make it as cheap, simple, and flexible as possible, until it's impossible to migrate out of, then the terms are changed


which sounds like something salesforce would do, to me


at the startups where I've worked, I'd estimate that losing access to data in salesforce (not to mention the salesforce specific workflows) would be more disruptive than losing 3/4 of the sales team