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I have posted this before but I'm the co-founder of a tech conference called 'Build IT Right' based in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area but we have gone virtual this year. The conference has a great line up of speakers including Anne-Marie Imafidon, Liz Keogh and Sam Newman. I have had a sneak preview of Sam's talk on serverless architecture which is great. There are also some less well known but inspiring speakers on the bill this year that I'm excited to hear from. You can see the line up here and a ticket will entitle you to access to all the talk recordings after the event which I think is great as I always find 3 talks I want to watch scheduled at the same time! I have managed to get a 20% discount for people who know me, and we're all close right? Here's the link


@seancorfield @theophilusx Thanks for the responses. I think we'll go for an OAuth flow with a central Auth server in the near future (the main draw of it being single sign-on). The most sensitive information we store are the user's emails, so security isn't a high priority currently.


I may be developing with clojure soon in a professional setting! How does it compare to other functional languages? I'm primarily comfortable with TypeScript, Scala, Elm, and Elixir


@johndestigter Congrats! I don't know Elixir myself, but I heard it was partially inspired by Clojure, so you may find the most resemblance there. The other languages you mention are statically or gradually typed, Clojure is dynamically typed. Its most distinguishing feature compared the other mentioned languages might be the REPL and interactive development. This guide gives a great overview into that:

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