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Is there a tool out there that can do diffs and 3-way merges for version control that understands lisp? That would be very useful for git et al. I feel…


Yes that’s indeed the right direction. I’ll see if I can integrate it with git diff somehow (and if that’s fast enough)…


There was an attempt in #autochrome-github by Martin Klepsch to make this into a Github action, I think the project isn't active anymore


not related to Clojure so hope I'm in the right place. Looking at deciding what HTTP server to use for bunch of static files of different sizes. Doing a small benchmark between caddy, nginx and apache as those are the ones I've used before. What other HTTP servers are people using for static file hosting?


We’re on Caddy here and happy with it so far.


Cheers, already got that one in my list, performance seems not-as-good as nginx, at a glance (with default + custom configs) but only for files greater than 100kb. Otherwise the config syntax is very nice so +1 with being happy with Caddy 🙂


also docs around performance tuning for caddy is not as great as nginx, if you ignore the "vw golf caddy performance tuning" search hits


nginx is a safe bet I think


yeah, for sure, it's what I've used most of the times before, both at scale and hobby usage. But looking to see if I'm missing some alternatives that could blow the "big 3" out of the water


since babashka supports httpkit now, I could add that to my benchmark just for giggles


Might be a little bit slower since the ring handler is interpreted, but worth a try :)


You can tweak memory with bb -Xmx<something> if that's a concern on your server

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Some people use S3 for hosting and serving, would you consider that too? (not that I use S3)


no, looking for self-hosted software. Mainly trying to keep the data to one location but I also don't want to have additional costs just because of "Premium Traffic(TM)" or whatever they call it, but thanks for the recommendation 🙂


no problemo 🙂


What is your performance target?


don't have any explicit targets, testing with 100 concurrent requests for a 3MB file, comparing the 95th percentile between the softwares


It’s usually wise to employ CDN like CloudFront that can save you some costs and headache and provide better performance for your users - unless it’s something like intranet app


@U06BE1L6T thanks for the recommendation! Still looking for software I can run myself, not cloud solutions 🙂 Trying to keep the data in one location (not spread out across edge nodes) and want to retain the privacy of my users, so no 3rd parties