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@scknkkrer We have a #jobs, #jobs-discuss and #remote-jobs channel. Also regularly there are threads about who is offering and seeking jobs on r/Clojure


I’ve missed the #jobs-discuss. Forgive me.


Fellow Clojurians, I’m tired of using 2 x 24" monitors and want to upgrade to a single larger monitor, thus was looking at 27/32" 4K options, isn’t 32" a bit too big? Any experience? Also I wonder if 75W output from monitor can drive MBP 15" which comes w/87W charger.


I've been using 32" monitors for almost a decade now. I would never switch to 27".


Hmm, I find my 28" way too big


@U04V4KLKC I read the article some time ago but does 120hz really make big difference in our domain?


I don't think that article is applicable to everyone even if you remove the section about refresh rate.

Michael W13:08:02

Personally I use one 4k 50" TV as my monitor. 4096x2160 @ 60Hz and it's pretty stellar. It's like having 4 screens in 1.

David Pham13:08:47

I would live to have a 5120x2880 [retina] display.

David Pham13:08:56

But it is pricey.


@UAB2NMK25 May I ask how do you use that space?

Michael W14:08:14

@U2HBNQQBE I use it like it was 4 monitors. Top Left I'll have a browser, top right is slack/discord bottom left is terminal, and I use bottom right for various other bits, sometimes my password manager, sometimes my music player, etc.


Heh. I get distracted with that much open.


I think pixel size is a problem with tvs for monitors, but I can't remember exactly.

Sam Ritchie15:08:50

@U2HBNQQBE I have a 34" dell, U3414W I think, and it's awesome -

Sam Ritchie15:08:57

but it's a wide monitor, so it's not as huge as you'd imagine

Sam Ritchie15:08:14

really nice for multiple emacs panels, or if you do any web stuff having a code editor, browser and terminal all open

Michael W15:08:13

@U09LZR36F It depends on how close you are to the tv really, I have it mounted to a wall behind my desk, and it's fine. If I was sitting closer the pixels would be rather large, and I would probably notice them. 4 feet or more away and I can't see pixels at all.


I use Dell UltraSharp 32 UP3216Q for over 3 years and wouldn't go back to a smaller one.

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@U09LZR36F with the resolutions and screen sizes we are talking about, pixel shape (from using a TV) would only apply for fonts that are too small for normal people to use anyway, antialiasing should make the issue invisible.


I used a Seiki 4k TV as a monitor for a while, it was good, but I didn't want to give it that much desk space so it's just a TV again now


(I switched to a smaller LG 4k, which I'm quite happy with)


@U051SS2EU not sure if it will work for you, but I found monitor desk mounts aka monitor arms worthwhile because they save desk real estate


@U09LZR36F +1, my brain would shutdown in front of such arrangement of windows. I do find useful having multiple code frames open though.


@U017QJZ9M7W I'm considering Lenovo ThinkVision T34w, WQHD (3440 x 1440), but I'm sceptical about text crispness compared to 4K.


Bought Lenovo T32p-20 31.5" 4k, will report back the result tomorrow, hopefully it’ll do the fair job. Thanks everyone for sharing opinion/experience.


I have a 27" ASUS 2K monitor for several years and I love it. I also have it mounted on an adjustable arm to save desk real estate. However I would upgrade to a 4K monitor soon.