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A dear friend just told me he's starting a js bootcamp in Sept. What advice would you give him as he starts his dev career? Obv. I have my own, but I don't want it to be "the roninhacker show."


I think the thing that helped me the most compared to my peers was that I started using linux a couple of years before starting to program


If anything, it taught me how to google for a problem. The joys of trying to set up dual monitor gaming on an ATI GPU back then 😄

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@dchristianbell As a hiring manager, I've been pretty impressed with some of the new devs coming out of some of these boot camps. We interviewed for JS devs some years back and a lot of candidates had been through those programs: even the really junior ones had exposure to agile/scrum, understood the value of version control, bug tracking, automated testing, and had worked as part of a team on projects -- in addition to their JS/React chops.

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lol see this is why I asked, my brain was running on more "Have you heard the good news of Alonzo Church?" lines