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vishal sharma09:07:55

Hi, please pardon me if the question is not relevant to the channel. I have experience with languages like c++, python and go, also java but only for android studio. I want to get started into AR development, i have no prior knowledge of graphics as well as unity or any other framework. Can you please suggest me the pathway to go ahead or atleast getting started into AR development. I am really curious about it. Sorry for the message being a little long.

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Is anybody here using GraphQL for their APIs? If so, what tooling do you use, how well is it working for you, and — if there’s a REST API as well — how is adoption among users?


I haven't used GraphQL, but I have built and used many REST APIs as well as the protocol (which is a lot like Datomic's pull-syntax). If your question is specifically about GraphQL, sorry I can't help. But I would never want to go back to REST after having used "a single API endpoint where clients specify the data they want, in the shape they want."

Vincent Cantin13:07:47

I am not using GraphQL, but I tried Lacinia once and loved it.

Vincent Cantin13:07:08

Alternatively, if you are using Clojure fullstack, you can consider using Pathom & EQL queries which are more data-oriented than GraphQL and plays well with Clojure.


Alright, cool. Yeah, I think I prefer EQL’s design to GraphQL, but I don’t think it’s a good fit because I’d want the API to be public, and most people aren’t using Clojure (unless there’s a GraphQL translation layer I can stick in front of the EQL).


Lacinia is the bee’s knees, meaning, it’s super nice 🙂


just got an zalando email:

Join Zalando Talent Community today for inspiring stories and be the first one to learn what is happening behind the scenes. Maybe there is a fit in the future for you? 


Seems they did indeed recently drop Clojure. Maybe for the better, the folks I know in Berlin who used to do Clojure at Zalando did not seem like they were being set up for success.


Yea, I get these mails regularly too.


At 15k+ employees for an e-commerce, one would think there are a few funny things going on inside


what? you guys that dropped clojure, in favour of kotlin.


(-> "no" constantly repeatedly)

😂 15

Kotlins alright tho cant blame them for being a bit more conservative 🙂


How do you guys tame your OS usage? After two years using the same box my home, download and documents folder is just a terrible mess. I happily created a old-{download,home,documents} folders and moved everything there and started a new life. I noticed that I reach a very small subset of documents from the old folders which I move back to main.

Jose Varela04:07:04

Stick to a process that routes content towards folders/files organized by themes. A great example is PARA: 1. Projects (things with a deadline; a milestone) 2. Areas (themes where you want to mantain standards/improve over a period of time) 3. Resources (like a library) 4. Archives (storage) Checkout Tiago Forte. He has courses on this kind of stuff. I just read the gist and thought the key concept was having constructs that make knowledge useful/findable and that you consistently append to this huge knowledge graph (he calls it ‘second brain’)


@iagwanderson I have a linked list of old hard drives, things I still use move from the most recent offload to my current one, and every once in a while I need something older and do a linear search into older and older external drives


helpfully hard drives keep getting bigger, so I can put all the old ones into a subdirectory on a new one ...


soon I might actually be trying to dig up code I haven't used in about 7 computers / 15 years... wish me luck


Wow, this will be tough rsrsrs. I feel that eventually these old subfolders will become just useless. Would be nice to ha e something like amazon S3 transitioning lifecycle enabled by default on my hard drive


I have also followed that process, with the idea that I'll go back and review that old content and prune it but I almost never do... I have pretty much everything on OneDrive these days (since I have 1 TB included with my Home 365 subscription) and I just switched from an iPhone to an Android which actually did cause me to crawl through a lot of content and purge some directories... but after a few days of reviewing files, I got bored and left it "until next time"...


I find that org mode (or since I switched to vim OTL-format) files that keep track of what I'm trying to do in my free time helps a lot


eg. I found out all US employees at my company are getting laid off, and I can go back to the to-do list from last time I was working on personal projects between jobs, which in turn is based on the time before, back to when I realized task lists were useful


@noisesmith that is true. I have a very customized agenda view in Emacs to a lot of things and I have been practicing linking the content that is related to a specific task


right - and I like to format mine so it is a stack - current tasks go to the top, old ones are left in the list but move down to the bottom as a log


so just like the hard drives, linked list where I keep putting new items at the front


and occasionally "rescue" old things from lower down


I want to see more web pages like this


you can do an awful lot with a static site if you're not starting from a pile of markdown files 🔥


this is not a web page, it's an art work. 🙂

ryan echternacht20:07:13

what am i looking at?


it's a weird interactive web page, built with lots of looping audio clips, css sprites, and threejs effects


you can do an awful lot with a static site if you're not starting from a pile of markdown files 🔥