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to clear Visual studio code


By chance does anyone know of a windows VirtualBox VM that's less than 20 GB?


@jayzawrotny I think 20gb is the absolute limit for windows 7 64 bit


so you would have to go down to xp or earlier probably


from about 15:04:00 onwards 🙂 for those seeking to find 🙂


(however, listening to the entire session is worthwhile too! 🙂 )


I'll be getting a Windows box next week. I haven't used Windows in nearly 10 years. I'm excited because I'm genuinely impressed by the results of Microsoft's hyper-aggressive targeting of developers. As a Clojure user, any super-important things I should know that could save a few headaches? Or is it pretty much straightforward, read the docs and you're good to go? I've only used Linux for the past decade.


I haven't used WSL on Windows myself, but some other Clojure devs do, and I have heard that Clojure on Linux or WSL can be a smoother experience than Clojure on Windows not using WSL


That is definitely true. Windows is somewhat of a red-headed stepchild as far as Clojure is concerned. But I do a lot of my OSS project work on Windows these days, with Atom, Chlorine, and REBL as my main dev setup.


@porkostomus You'll definitely want to install/setup WSL2 so you have Linux available alongside Windows. But it will have no UI, so you'll also want to get used to Powershell for starting up any Clojure/Java processes with a UI.


Scoop is a good package manager for Windows, and that's an easy way to install the Clojure CLI, Babashka, and a bunch of Clojure stuff...


@porkostomus What editor setup have you been using on Linux?


I use nearly all of them from time to time, but VSCode/Calva is my current favorite


Oh, then that will be an easy transition since it should be mostly identical in experience.


(some hotkeys may differ)


Yeah... that's what I mean aout Microsoft getting me hooked... their tooling is just too nice