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Anyone know why Clojure hasn’t update it’s licence to from v1.0 to Eclipse v2.0?


There was a discussion thread on the Clojure Google group about this, here:

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:05:40

I don’t think that’s the right link

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:05:06

But in short, Rich does not like the changes in epl 2 and we don’t have any plans to switch. We did provide feedback during while they were writing it but they didn’t really listen to any of it

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Sorry for bad link. I double-checked that it worked for me personally, right into my personal Gmail account, and everything 🙂 Thanks to others for finding the right sources.

Paola D.M.16:05:15

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What’s an easy way to deploy a ClojureScript demo online? It seems that in JS world there’s sandboxes, and other similar things.


If you don't need a backend then just put it on github pages.


I’m just looking for an easy way to go from code on GitHub to some live page, nothing fancy or production grade.


I think heroku can identify a shadow cljs app because it has a package.json.


so that should work with minimum effort

Charles H18:05:25

ugh I saw this funny infomercial-like joke video about Clojure a day or so ago and I can't find it again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?


@orestis i think netlify is crazy easy


Oh you just supply a build command? Will check it out.


I also vote for netlify.

eccentric J02:05:11

Commented the same thing before realizing dpsutton got it.


this is the entirety of the settings needed:

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Perfect. I’ll see if I can integrate that with GitHub actions.


Probably not needed though, I guess they can watch the repo and auto deploy.


Yeah it’s on commit


I think they offer preview branches but I’ve never delved into the more advanced stuff