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It would be nice if there was a thing which looked at my code, then told me about the next thing that it thinks I should know. For example, if it detected that I could golf some lines by knowing a function. Or notice that my functions don't match a "clojurist" style... but doesn't give me a list of 200 warnings, but just a "hey, you might want to learn this thing..." kind of like an automated mentor. I know about (I should enable it!)

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Uhh this is a great idea. Can we get every Clojurian to run something invasive on their code and update a central machine learning server ? @U0P7ZBZCK that looks very cool but the readme does not tell a lot about what it does.


@U3ES97LAC kibit-runner simply allows kibit to be run using tools.dep instead of leiningen. As for what kibit does, see the link to its github repo above


@bherrmann checkout #clj-kondo


Thanks, will do now... I've seen it mentioned like 100 or so times... but haven't set it up. I wonder how often I wooble around on broken stuff w/o realizing how simple it would be to sharpen the axe a bit.


clj-kondo is great but it's a linter and it's not going to help with the problem @bherrmann asked about.


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