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@andy.fingerhut as compelling as or (image attached) is, unfortunately I'll pass on them ahahaha; I'm implementing Clojure myself, and I was about to add namespace-qualifying to the reader, and while I knew you could read all sorts of unusable symbols (or, hell, surely flat out construct any unusable one with (symbol nonsense) ,) I've done these experiments before for unrelated reasons and in the past, based off how . acted, it always seemed to me that even using it as a hack was useless, because it was unevaluable. But it seems there are ways around that, for now, although I cannot be sure it won't blow up in some other way On one hand, there's no reason I have to keep that sort of flexibility in there for me since no reasonable, valid Clojure program surely uses anything like that -- I shouldn't be breaking anything important. On the other hand, surely I can for now be lax and keep it in there, because no reasonable, valid Clojure program surely uses anything like that..

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Lyn Headley02:05:00

anybody using xstate from clojurescript?


We were just talking about this in #react


Not XState per-se, but statecharts in CLJS

Lyn Headley19:05:39

yeah I'm really curious about them as a possible architecture for browser UIs


What kinds of public file storage services give somewhere in the neighborhood of a few 10s of Gbytes of storage, downloadable via publicly sharable URLs, for free, or so little it is coffee money per month? (if any?)


amazon s3 and google cloud storage probably fit this description. s3 is 2.3¢ per GB-month. it’s fairly trivial to have s3 serve your files publicly. the other main consideration is how much data you expect to download each month. it’s currently 9¢/GB which doesn’t sound like a lot, but can add up depending on your use case.

jjttjj09:05:19 has 50gb free that I believe meets your description. I haven't used the free account in awhile so i might be forgetting some "catch". But I use a paid account for backups and find it a good value


Thanks for the leads. I will follow them up


Anyone else watching GitHub Satellite and catch Sam Aaron dropping Hickey audio samples in his live set? 😛

rich 16
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Haha, no joke. I heard Rich’s voice say something to the effect of “you’re not going to need that complexity”, and my head spun around just in time to see that the sample was named “hickey.aiff” (or some such) and confirm that I was not, in fact, losing my mind.