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97 Things... is definitely worth the $1 for the first unlock (disclaimer: the author is an old friend of mine). Not sure I'd be interested in most of the others tho' (and I own 97 Things already).

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@U04V70XH6 do you mean Kevlin Henney? If so, do you happen to know if he uses / what he thinks of Clojure?


Yeah, Kevlin. I don't know what he's mostly working with these days but, like me, he was a heavy C++ user for a long time. You've encouraged me to ping him and see what he's up to these days 🙂


Mostly I feel he's been focused on language-agnostic testing/process stuff... (reinforced by )


The first one didn't help me a whole lot but my goldfish swears by it

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Head first design patterns was how I learned design patterns back in uni. It has good examples and is an easier read than the gang of four book

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Seconded! At my first programming job after self-learning programming, I got this book as a gift from my mentor when we where writing OOP PHP and it helped a lot to put things in more concrete terms than other "too academic" texts at that time


This book is great. I was programming before and when I jumped to Java boat to be industry-level developer it drifted me through pains of understanding codebases. Also it's a modern textbook.


The Head First series is excellent. I’ve read a few Design Patterns books (ironically not including the original/GoF one), and this one is the best.


heads up people, just got the news that Clojure is dead already, we need to find something else to be productive with. Sorry everyone 😕

eccentric J23:04:10

I’ve never understood the point of that kind of tweet. What is the intended result?


Guess the same could be said about a lot of tweets, much is off-the-cuff stuff. Think the intentation was not to say something about Clojure but more say something about Scala, but somehow managed to drag Clojure into it. In the end, 🤷

eccentric J15:04:17

Trueee though I meant more in general where people post in a service that it’s dying or how people sometimes join channels here and post, “So this project is dead?” Just seems to happen to most communities I’ve participated in.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:04:18

well, he does have zero data to back it up at least


Well some say CL is coming back

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:04:37

people have been saying Clojure is dead almost as long as I've been using it. yet, usage continues to increase (see last 12 mon Maven download data)

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eccentric J23:04:27

The best news I’ve seen all week!

Vincent Cantin10:04:42

I saw 1 guy mentioning it on Twitter in the middle of a sentence talking about Scala, then Clojurians replied. Not worth arguing about that, IMHO.

eccentric J15:04:45

Not unwise, but what’s the harm in showing a strong counter point? Neither party is dragging it out. Worst case it will be ignored.


Personally I'm not very fazed by people proclaiming the yearly "Clojure is dead" as it's obvious it's not when you're inside the ecosystem/community. Think most people just compared it to JS or any other language that goes through very fast changes year after year (like JS, Rust and others) and think Clojure has to be like that while failing to realize with Clojure it's not needed

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Bill Phillips23:04:31

Sad to hear that John Conway passed today.

Bill Phillips23:04:58

When I heard the news, I knew I’d have to write up an implementation of Game of Life

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Bill Phillips23:04:52

(yet another) implementation