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Ramon Rios14:03:15

Hello everyone. I have probably a dumb question, but here it is: How can i have a relation between data in microservices? For example: I have a customer, and i have a order. I have one microservice for each entity. How do i "join the data" ?


I am interested to know this as well. The thought that immediately came to me is, we don't want to push business logic up to the client of these services. Otherwise you microservice is a glorified database.


the question is a bit abstract 🙂


do you need to stitch together individual records ?


or generate reports


because the solutions are mighty different


from our side, for individual records we send the initial request on a merry go-around trip , it picks up data at a service, then jumps to the next one , gets more data from there and so forth. the services just stick to the domain that they know about and pass on the rest of data with happy ignorance.


for reporting kind of stuff we replicate the data away from the microservices, simplify it and analyze it with a complete different toolset, because making microservices to survive the workloads of reporting would be unreasonable, its not their job.


i have also seen deep trees where service pull data over http from other services as an alternative to the merry go around, but the roundtrips penalty is not cool and service A knowing about a service B creates sort of a monolith out of your code this way. (in the merry go around, they dont really know by themselves, they just take work, process, and announce the results to a messaging system, to whomever is listening)


there are cons for entity-based microservice. some might call it an anti-pattern


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Michael Thurmond17:03:13

Has anyone used pingfed for authentication?