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Mario C.16:03:37

Anybody had to start working from home??


Have been, for the past few years. :)

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I've WFH pretty much 100% for nearly 13 years now... I briefly worked for a startup that wanted me on-site three days a week but other than that, my commute has been "exit bedroom, turn right" for over a decade 🙂


I'm starting on monday. I have to admit, it doesn't work for me very well.


It definitely takes some adjustment at first. It really helps to have a dedicated "work" space -- somewhere you can "go" to work, even if it's just a table and chair in the corner, so you can a) separate work/home life and b) have a routine so you can focus. It's also ideal if you can have a "work computer" and a "home computer" (I guess at least having separate account profiles would be enough -- I have a desktop for work at home and a little old laptop for personal stuff and try to keep the two as separate as possible).


Most of Denmark


@U04V70XH6 I cannot have dedicated workspace. My flat is too small.


But I have to admit I have enough computers, that's not the problem 😄


It's a bit sad, because from time I've been working remotely I haven't done any Clojure. I had remote freelancing job (doing Clojure), it was nice but I started having problems with mood and concentration so I ejected out of that.

Michael J Dorian16:03:01

I hope this leads some companies to see how productive working from home can really be!

Michael J Dorian16:03:47

I know when I'm sitting down to get real work done on my own time I usually don't start by driving to a louder, more cramped building simple_smile


But people are different, and are in different circumstances. For some, office work is much more productive than home work.

Michael J Dorian16:03:29

That's fair, I don't mean to offend. I'm just personally frustrated with my workplace's policies simple_smile

Michael J Dorian16:03:11

And with open office spaces in general I suppose


Of course. I was glad to switch to remote. :) Solitude and salary increase go well together.

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Mario C.16:03:49

I started today. I mean every now and then I would work from home but now its mandatory


I just had a friend newly pushed into at-home work text me that he was losing his mind and pleading for advice

Mario C.16:03:16

Not gonna lie the office has better desk space and I am mentally trained to focus there.


but he's an extrovert and I am happy to live in my basement most of the time


Yeah, I’ve known people who have a hard time with remote work specifically for that reason. I’m fairly introverted so it’s been wonderful for me for the past five+ years, but even so it was an adjustment.

Mario C.16:03:48

Thats another thing I enjoyed too. The talks/discussions with teams and daily walks


I've been working remotely for a couple of years. To get out I visit coffee places. Maybe not the best advice right now, but that's what I do.

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i've found change of scene very helpful -- even the process of getting to another location


me too

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For those adjusting to remote working, here is a site with resources I have found useful over the last few years (which has a special landing page for recent events). I’m not affiliated and they do market a few things but if you look past that there are some good resources there:


In Norway schools and kindergartens are shut down, so the home office is somewhat crowded...


Because your kids are hard workers and trying to study?


but also, I don't do any of those things


"It really helps <some people> to have a dedicated "work" space" then 🙂


the advantages of having a big dog next to you on the couch seem high to me :)

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I'm surrounded by five cats in my "work" space so...


it's like they have no boundaries


nah, man, that's kids. kids are the ones who have no boundaries. cats and dogs are just goddam saints, in comparison.

Mario C.18:03:41

I invested into a good work from home set up: monitors, stand up desk, keyboard, the whole nine yards but it still doesn't compare to working from the office lol


After nine years of working from home, going back to the office felt like I couldn’t get anything done. Now Denmark is in quarantine so I’m back at home. I help out wife with baby, walk the dog, and still get very little done, but I’m not only coding any more, so perhaps it’s my perception...


I WFH most of the time but travel often to HQ. The key thing for me is to have a clear “work” spot in my apartment, where I only do work. This way I don’t end up working until 8 pm by accident; I have to leave work to go lay on my couch. I also leave my home to go to the gym after I’m done working. I might not do that right now, but going outside is v important.


the thing I miss about being in person are white boarding sessions. Hard to have a good jam on design or architecture without a whiteboard IME

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haven’t discovered a good enough remote replacement yet

Vincent Cantin18:03:40

paper + top-down camera + screenshots should be a good start


tmux, emacs, artist mode 🙂


That’s an idea for an app - share screens of iPads. A zoomable finger-based canvas goes a long way.

jsn19:03:34 I've created this long time ago for sharing terminal sessions over Internet

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