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Ben Grabow21:03:46

What are people using for whiteboarding/diagramming? Online real-time collaboration would be a big plus but if there's an excellent offline diagramming tool that would be worth exploring too.

Vishal Gautam21:03:07

whimsical. Plus point - its written in clojure(script) stack (Ring, Reagent, Reframe) 🙂

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I used miro app, was pretty nice. Haven’t tried the rest.


PrecursorApp, written in cljs

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PrecursorApp!!!! 😄


or 1-2 dry erase board(s)


Screensharing and omnigraffle atm, works well enough

Ben Grabow21:03:10

Is there such a thing as a portable diagram data format/standard? I'd hate to put work into a bunch of diagrams only to have the associated application become unauthorized by my company or have the diagramming startup company go under or be acquired rendering my diagrams uneditable.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:03:53

and graphviz / .dot files maybe as a format

borkdude21:03:01 also has been mentioned a couple of times (now redirected to


I'm a fan of (a java program which consumes text and produces diagrams) - particularly for .


I'm as well, especially in combination with the intelliJ plugin, so you can directly see the output and easy export.

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