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Aleksei Dmitriev18:02:58

Hi to everyone, could u please tell me if it is hard to find a clojure developer? What are the main cons for choosing clojure for starting up new project?

Alex Turok18:02:27

Hi. In my very narrow experience of hiring devs and talking to devs in Russia, it is hard. There are few devs who work in Clojure in ru and many companies hire along the lines “you need to be a good java/.net/scala/whatever dev and be willing to learn clojure”, which implies they do have difficulties finding clojurists. On the other side, I’ve seen it approachable to get a seasoned dev accustomed with clojure and even get a junior writing reasonable code pretty soon after getting immersed.

Michael J Dorian18:02:13

I'm sure you could find plenty if you allow for remote! No stats, but that's how you can shore up the limitations of hiring from a small group of people


there are lots of clojure devs, but they are not distributed equally to jobs


in either experience or geography

Aleksei Dmitriev18:02:30

it's true for any developer, not specific for clojure community


yes, but magnified when smaller community

Aleksei Dmitriev18:02:17

I just want to start a new project and trying to understand will it be harder to find developers with clojure skill rather than e.g. golang


probably harder than golang, but many companies are happy with just hiring good people that want to learn clojure. you can be useful in clojure pretty fast


Another point to consider is that it's hard to find good engineers in general, no matter the language. But there may be some correlations with particular languages. Paul Graham writes at length about it.

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Aleksei Dmitriev18:02:00

definitely agree with you

Aleksei Dmitriev19:02:21

Well, I will keep in mind I have option to find good developer here if I get stuck

Aleksei Dmitriev19:02:32

thank you for your replies


@alexey095 If you need one in a pinch, i have availability