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Long lines and big outputs are enemies of every Clojure tooling I tried 🙂. On the early days of Clojure integration with Atom, lots of things were crashing/locking the editor. Nowadays, is quite rare on Clojure (and getting better on ClojureScript too)


on the subject of large data handling, i am so looking forward to further developments on this front:


yup, already had it happen once today


(= #inst"1582-10-10"
=> #?(:clj true :cljs false)

Lennart Buit20:02:42

yes, the change in Julian -> Gregorian calendar

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Lennart Buit20:02:50

There is so much strange stuff with dates and times. When people ask, I like to point out that in Amsterdam, between 1909 and 1937, there was an offset of +00:19:32, which was simplified to +00:20 in 1937.


It boggles my mind that there was something like 150 years where neighboring countries differed in Julian/Gregorian calendar use, and thus had dates off from each other by 10 days for that entire time. Must have made trade and communications fun.


this is a bit wordy, but at least has some useful info in it:

Lennart Buit20:02:15

Hehe, or that some countries switched timezones


@U051V5LLP that is a pro read


it's a bit like that with address systems, e.g. on January 1st this year, every address in New South Wales and Victoria jumped a whole What3Words square to the north (~1.8m)

Lennart Buit20:02:13

hmm whats that, I have never heard of What3Words


don't spend too much time thinking about it


it's a VC backed, private coordinate reference system trying to capture rent for a system which should realistically be open


but they try and push it as a drop-in replacement for postcodes in country's which have weak central government


(ignoring the fact that CRS != postcodes/zipcodes, as my NSW/Victoria tectonic shift example proves)

Lennart Buit20:02:25

why did they move it


NSW naturally moves really fast


but Coordinate Reference Systems split the Earth up based on an idealised slightly squashed sphere

Lennart Buit20:02:33

isnt that a pain with GPS also


yeah, but nobody tries to use latlon as their postcode 😉

Lennart Buit20:02:51

just include the date!


haha, sprinkle a little bit of versioning into the mix!