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as an experiment, i was extending deps.edn to be able to target tweets as a deps source. like {:sudoku {:twitter/id "1214390867399757824"}} but the twitter api will truncate tweets unfortunately 😞

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There used to be a param you can pass to get the full value via entities, like extended_tweet or stg


can anyone delete this spam?

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thanks for raising

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is there an easy way to tag admin people? I really only know sean as definitely an admin. Maybe @admin or something ?


let me know if it pops up elsewhere please, I unfortunately have a trigger finger and sometimes forget to note + remove the account


Just using the word 'spam' will draw at least some of our attention.


ha was just thinking that. thanks much


@U11BV7MTK many of the admin team have spam and admin has highlight words


well thanks πŸ™‚


I unfollowed 'admin', though, because it tuns up all the time in phrases like 'admin console' 😜

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:25

I'm in other slacks that have an /admin command to contact them. no idea how that works


It should be sufficient to mention 'spam' or 'moderator', assuming one of us is available. I'm guessing the /admin thing is a plugin, and I know we have a very tight limit on how many of those we can install as a free community.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:07

it's in another free community


Good to know, thanks!


anyone familiar with a library (in clojure or java) that could take a whole java project and spit out a big data structure which describes the class hierarchy and info about the classes (ie methods+signatures)? Like being able to get all reflection data on a project at once? I'm not picky if it uses reflection or parsing/code analysis to get the data

Nicola Palumbo17:01:26

hi everyone. Where can I post a virtual hackathon event?


The thing that I don't really like about #events is that most of the events require physical presence. I likely won't go anywhere, so I've muted that channel. But I would still like to know about online events.


Sorry if this is the wrong channel for this request: I love the Clojurian Slack log that is hosted at, where expired messages can be Google searchable, that @plexus and team wrote! Is there anyone I could retain for a short engagement to stand up two instances for two public Slack instances we run? cc @plexus Please DM me β€”Β thank you!!!!


The slack log is awesome, but please also check Zulip out!

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