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Anyone else have missing workspace icons on slack mobile? Most of mine are place holders


@dpsutton FWIW all mine have gone back to the correct icons now after restarting the Slack app


Not me. So strange


@dpsutton One of mine is, yes. And it keeps alternating between the default initials with a green background and with a red background.


Exactly except it’s 4/7 for me


Warning: pretty off-topic... but I figured you folks might be the only people to appreciate this so here ya go... So last night I had a series of nightmares where I kept trying to figure out why this .clj project wouldnt run... I read through lines and lines and lines of red text and mystery stacktraces and couldnt figure out what was going on.


at the end I finally figured it out..


I realized after all that time that it was because I had been trying to run a project.edn file:joy:

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and then I woke up.


Not to fuel your nightmares, but...

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Filipe Silva17:12:22

tbh I always just assumed people that spent a lot of time around a certain programming problem were going to dream about it

Filipe Silva17:12:44

when I have a nice idea late at night I always dream about the implementation

Filipe Silva17:12:03

and it's always the same first steps of trying to write down the initial bits and then running it

Filipe Silva17:12:11

over and over again


Yeah, I dream in code quite often... especially if some interesting puzzle has crossed my mind during the day... and my brain still wants to solve it while I'm asleep πŸ’€


they do say that is when your mind is the best equipped to solve hard problems... kinda goes along with the whole hammock driven development idea


now I think about it.. def not surprised that I had a literal nightmare about the clojure tooling and stacktraces though:joy:


I'm glad I WFH full time. If I get stuck on a problem, I can just go play with the cats, or go have a shower (I seem to have a lot of ideas in the shower).

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I guess that means I'm on my way to being a real programmer haha!!πŸ˜‚


(pardon my imposter syndrome... I'm still not 100% convinced)


earlier this week I dreamed some movements of a chess endgame. ended in draw ^^ (been educating myself in that area lately)


While I'm so used to thinking of problem solving as an active process, where you have to put in effort to get all your thoughts cooperating in that direction, once in a while I will have thoughts come to me and its so bizarre. The first example being sometimes in that space between being awake and falling asleep I will hear extremely complex music, but also likewise sometimes in dreams I've had the solution to the problem 'shown' to me. It is so bizarre that it can take so much effort to get into a high mode of complexity, only for me to occasionally have something more complex effortlessly 'shown' to me. But its only happened to me a few times


> being awake and falling asleep I will hear extremely complex music that's interesting, from time to time I also hear original compositions, but only while fully asleep in the awake->asleep transitions I tend to fabricate a lot of nonsensical thoughts, mixing "contexts" (e.g. programming stuff with daily-life stuff) in the same sentences


Sometimes while I'm falling asleep I'll also start having thoughts mix in a nonsensical way, just like you might have in a dream. The biggest example in a dream at least that I will always remember, is I dreamt that the stars had autocomplete, and that just made perfect sense. When I woke up I kept trying to figure out how those two thoughts were possibly frankensteined together and I couldn't

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wish I had written down mine :)


Hehe one other phenomena with this mixing of thoughts is when I immerse in something. As an example, when I first played guitar hero, I would later see the notes when I'd close my eyes (normal), but the weird part is I'd also sort of feel other guitar hero 'subfeelings' when doing other things, feelings that are like a smaller part of some feeling that make no sense in isolation. Like, I'd turn on the sink and notice 'oh, that's just like when the color changes' (that's a bad example because 'color change' can still be put in words and makes sense, whereas many of these feelings can't and don't).

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That one might be a little less surprising, since the brain is always trying to make analogies There's this book on the topic


Oh yeah that one isn't a surprise to me like the dream thing ahahaha especially because that one still takes a lot of effort


its kinda like 'hey brain, look at this, look at this, look at this' and eventually is like staring at the sun, where you close your eyes and still see a bright spot everywhere


or where an old screen gets an image stuck on it


with the dream thing, while you might say you're also thinking about the problem a lot, it still feels bizarre because the entire solution is complex, and novel, and you don't even have the problem of having to try to 'hold' it in your mind and not lose it like normally -- it just all fits and is shown to you

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Filipe Silva19:12:50

I sometimes get those insights into a problem

Filipe Silva19:12:10

but only when the whole problem has been in my head for a while


I used to have nightmares where I was the code and I was caught in an endless loop. That was back when I worked way too much.


ah yes, the halting nightmare


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized: 'crap, that's why syntax-quote fully qualifies symbols, I've gotta fix that in sci'


You mean, because then defining macros using syntax-quote works as you want it to? πŸ™‚


yes, but before it didn't have namespaces, so it was fine πŸ˜‰


Ah, yeah, everything in one namespace would be much different.