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I thought it would be interesting to hook up a NLP library to a git commit log in order to detect imperative vs non-imperative parts of speech. The models for CoreNLP and OpenNLP (although the latter do say you should always build your own) were rather disappointing. Neither library could tag "Update the text" as "VB DT NN". Maybe someone can point me at something 🙂 (seems like this is a "thing":


chance of programmer being around is zero, therefore write in c/c++?


Just connect a remote REPL to it! Worked for NASA!


I'll watch the rest of that interview another time. I like Bjarne. He was fun to work with on the C++ Standards Committee back in the 90's.


Watching all of it now, interesting stuff


Interesting part of him not being proud of C++ being used for bitcoin mining


it seemed like he just got a bit irritated and didn't really think too well about what he was saying - it's great people are willing to do these interviews!


seems like an overall nice guy though