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I just don't like the emacs keybindings, I prefer vims mode system


Spacemacs gave me the best of both


what is FB doing with Clojure? last time I read about that is when they went from Clojure to Haskell for Duckling

Mario C.16:11:40

@deleted-user I was also curious to try Doom emacs and after reading the discussion I decided to set it up. Is there some info out here on how I can get a clojure dev env set up on doom emacs?

Mario C.16:11:24

Thanks for the pointers. I had installed but I didn't "get it" such as the installing packages. Normally in spacemacs when you install something you normally do spc-f-e-R and it reloads with the package installed

Mario C.16:11:17

They weren't package i just dont know the correct term. They were actually in the init file. Like the clojure lang for example

Mario C.16:11:12

So once I add that to my set up do I need to do anything? Or does it just work?

Mario C.16:11:21

Ah thats what I was looking for doom refresh. Its right there in the docs too

Mario C.16:11:05

Thank you thank you