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I just don't like the emacs keybindings, I prefer vims mode system


Spacemacs gave me the best of both


what is FB doing with Clojure? last time I read about that is when they went from Clojure to Haskell for Duckling

Mario C.16:11:40

@corasaurus-hex I was also curious to try Doom emacs and after reading the discussion I decided to set it up. Is there some info out here on how I can get a clojure dev env set up on doom emacs?


there's a clojure one in there


then when you open a clojure file all the clojure specific stuff is under SPC m


it's mostly just keybindings to existing functions provided by the packages it brings together so you should look up those function docs and see what's up


which is part of the way doom emacs works, there's just not that much distance between you and the actual packages and emacs itself

Mario C.16:11:24

Thanks for the pointers. I had installed but I didn't "get it" such as the installing packages. Normally in spacemacs when you install something you normally do spc-f-e-R and it reloads with the package installed


ahhh yeah it's different here


and any extra packages you want installed must be added to packages.el in your DOOMDIR

Mario C.16:11:17

They weren't package i just dont know the correct term. They were actually in the init file. Like the clojure lang for example


sure, I used to use spacemacs, I know what you mean


mostly stuff I've accumulated as one thing or another has bugged me


yeah I never liked the package list at the end of the spacemacs config. if I stopped using a layer it kept the package in that area and it always bugged me

Mario C.16:11:12

So once I add that to my set up do I need to do anything? Or does it just work?


just uncomment clojure, run doom refresh, and restart emacs

Mario C.16:11:21

Ah thats what I was looking for doom refresh. Its right there in the docs too

Mario C.16:11:05

Thank you thank you


no problem, I hope you like it :)


be sure to check out the doom emacs discord server. there's a #help channel full of helpful people

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and the maintainer is usually on helping people too


it's a solid place to learn and level up and ask about annoyances or even contribute back