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I'm reading a book from the 80s and they use data & aggregates as their terms.


The solutions page, for any problem, on the 4Clojure site eats 25+ GB of RAM for me. Has it been hacked or is it something else going on? (I do not recommend trying it.)


I spun up a VirtualBox instance so I could test it in a kind of sandbox, and had no problem loading the solutions page (the network tab showed about 2K of data coming back)


@manutter51 I should do the same. .

Lennart Buit18:09:35

did slack once again manage to change the default avatars… such confusion


the perils of feeling strongly attached to default avatars

Lennart Buit19:09:21

the agony when WhatsApp decides to redistribute the colors in your groupchat-you-were-too-lazy-to-make-contacts-for

😂 4

perhaps by shifting default avatars around it nudges people with default avatars in the direction of specifying an avatar?


They have left my non-default avatar remarkably consistent since I assigned one 🙂

simple_smile 4
Lennart Buit19:09:49

but then you can’t complain about changes in default avatars, wheres the fun in that


I can find lots of other things to complain about. Just ask my family 🙂