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@richiardiandrea it’s very early days but you may want to check out - in particular (I just added an example of replaying)


Oh nice, thanks for sharing we are definitely considering something like that


Btw. when I go to (without being logged) I see this:


Thanks @U06BE1L6T I will have a look


This should be fixed now 🙂

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The death of cloud computing has been announced: > I feel rather strongly the Apple U1 Chip, over time will be seen as one of the most important aspect of the September 10th, 2019 Apple Event. We will see it as the start of the HyperLocal world of computing that ultimately will lead to less of a need for the cloud. The Apple A1 Chip is the start of this process of HyperLocal and HyperContextual computing where holographic crystal memory [7] and very fast local computer speed will render the cloud as we know it redundant and far less useful. With Petabytes of data on every device, all of your data and a useful base of the Internet will be local in a chip, on the device. This is far more than the speculated IoT edge computing and the Apple U1 Chip is one important part to bring this about. We will once again leave the Mainframe computer and become cloudless.


yes, we are migrating our AWS infrastructure to Apple

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Personally, I’m looking forward to Datomic Cloud landing in App Store.


It's similar I suppose to urbit's plans to give power back to users.


I suppose datascript could be seen as an extension of this too.


on site servers already exist!...


Sure, but this is about migrating things into the client (I think? Based on reading only the above)


For example, Apple has been doing machine learning on devices, rather than sending your data to the cloud


While much of the article linked is an interesting read, I suspect the author was a little high on his train of thought towards the end of it, because it seems a bit much. At the same time, you can’t entirely rule out that Apple is aiming for more peer-to-peer processing, since 1) It would decrease the cost of them running servers, 2) Secondary effects might hurt competitors who rely on the cloud a lot more (Google), and 3) it lies completely in line with their privacy MO.


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This is why I always check off-topic.