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Which companies are using clj-kondo? With your permission I want to mention you on a sheet in a presentation about it.


For those of you who are managing user accounts in your applications. What are you using? Aws Cognito, auth0 or did you roll your own solution?

Toby Clemson17:09:52

We're using Auth0 after a brief soirée with Keycloak


I'm not convinced identity services are worth the time sink.


You still spend a lot of time doing "stuff". They're probably a bigger value add in some applications over others.


We have a long history of managing user accounts directly in our system so that still persists today -- but we now have our own OAuth2 server/login servers based on that. I can't imagine any third parties deciding to use our identity service as a login option for their web sites tho' 🙂


I’ve been happy with Cognito. It integrates nicely with aws api-gateway and lambda.


User identity is one thing and managing user data is another. Cognito can do both (to some extent)


the downside of cognito/auth0/friends is that if you are in a position where you need to ship enterprise/on-prem versions of your software, you either need to maintain two separate architectures or ship your on-prem with some component (keycloak, of course, could do this)

gerred18:09:26 depends?


All I need is a simple single page account login/signup. I implemented aws cognito with my own custom ui, having my backend talk to the aws-api. But I did not really like the solution at all. But I will look into it again and see where it can improve. In one of my older web-apps I just rolled my own solution using session-based auth.